We tailor services to the specific request and requirements of our clients. Our professional fees for services are based on the scope of work specified on individual client basis  


Our expert knowledge and over 20 years of experience with compilation software (CaseWare) enables us to compile financial statements which are compliant to the relevant requirements of the accounting framework adopted by our clients and to provide detailed workings and audit trails for use in Excel.


Financials are generated in PDF and can be converted to XBRL format for submission to CIPC. 

Company secretarial

We assist clients with their submissions of company secretarial matters to CIPC. 


As experienced CA's and Financial Managers we provide general consulting services relating to financial processes, accounting principles, business practices and financial management in general. 

Tube Lights

XBRL conversion

Perform XBRL conversions on financials that were prepared in any format.